Ladyvenom & Lionheaded - the editors behind

Hello! (est. 2017) …is Austria’s travel blog for sophisticated travelers with quality travel photography & videos. This is a place to find inspiration and tips for your next trip!

The founder & editor behind is Marion Vicenta Payr, better known as @ladyvenom, photographer and Travel Instagramer since 2011.

The co-founder & videographer behind is Raffael Payr, better known as @lionheaded, digital content creator and fashion blogger on since 2014.

About us

Marion started off with photography in 2011, when signing up to Instagram. After three years of strict #iphoneonly photography, she started using cameras and self-taught herself digital photography (via Instagram and Youtube, brave new world ?). Since 2016 she’s a full-time photographer and travel blogger.

Raffael began filming for his editorial fashion blog in 2016. He quickly learned how to edit and cut his videos and started a series called #WorldofLionheaded during our travel projects. As of 2017 he will contribute all the travel videos for our blog.

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You can contact us via office (at)!