Thank you for being interested in our workshops! Marion Vicenta Payr (@ladyvenom) has made it her passion to share knowledge constantly. After all she started her career in Social Media due to her crave for sharing – and after sharing thousands of travel photos it was about time to share more than that! Therefore she is now offering a wide array of workshops and hosting talks and lectures.

Her main workshop topics include:

  • Instagram Workshops
  • Social Media Strategy Workshops
  • Workshops on Self Branding for Artists, Photographers and small companies
  • Influencer Marketing Workshops

Ladyvenom Speaker

Here’s a list of the upcoming workshops & public lectures.

Social Media Workshops & Talks by Ladyvenom

Vienna, Austria

Talk: “My job as a travel blogger”
Target Group: everyone
Language: DE (German)
Admission: FREE, first come first serve, registration will be open soon
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Vienna, Austria
SAE Institute Wien – Hohenstaufengasse 6, 1010 Wien

Workshop: “Monetarisierung abseits von Sponsored-Posts”
Target Group: Blogger & Influencer
Language: DE (German)
Admission: 98 Euros
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Ladyvenom Speaker

Previous Workshops

WE ARE SO Influencer

Video vom Livestream hier (mein Auftritt startet in Minute 39:00 etwa):

WE ARE SO influencer

Gepostet von Harald Prochaska am Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018


More workshops coming soon!

If you are interested in my workshops or want to book an individual training please contact me via office (at)