See the world with new eyes: Traveling with glasses

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See the world with new eyes - traveling with glasses

Some of you know, that I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a little girl. While I had a phase where I denied the fact, that I needed glasses (think teenager years 😉 ) I’ve grown used to them over the years. But since I changed careers and switched from the office job to becoming a travel blogger things have gotten more complicated.

See the world with new eyes - traveling with glasses

Here’s me trying to see… well anything! 🙂

My eyesight and photography

First off, one thing is for sure – my eye sight as a photographer is quite dear to me (duh!)… if not one of the most important features for my career 🙂 At the same time wearing glasses while taking photos isn’t always ideal. The viewfinder is supposed to shut out external light, but that doesn’t work if there are glasses in the way.

Another problem: I have never grown accustomed to contact lenses. Mostly because I have extremely dry eyes and therefore would’ve needed to use eyedrops all the time. Travelling with contact lenses & eye drops therefore seemed even more complicated than with glasses.

The chance to get rid of those old eyes

So when I heard about a new method called Relex Smile, that is performed at eye clinic Neovizia, I did become intrigued by the idea to literally see the world with new eyes. You know how it works – these pictures in your head… when you suddenly see yourself swimming in the ocean and actually noticing when a shark approaches… wouldn’t that be something 😉

Today I want to share a bit about my personal experiences and how I decided to go ahead with this treatment. It’s going to be a few more days before I get the surgery, so if you have any soothing words – leave them in the comments… that would definitely help 🙂

Traveling with glasses can be tricky

Anyhow – in my travels I had a couple of fun and not so fun moments with my glasses, that I want to share with you today.

Bali & the monkeys

If you travel to Bali and visit one of the many temples people might warn you beforehand to take care of your glasses (or even better, to pack them away). While visitors with sunglasses can obviously do that, I had to keep my glasses on – I did want to see that temple after all… 🙂 Half an hour into the tour of the temple surroundings I leaned forward to take a photo. And one of the monkeys jumped on (!) my head and stole my glasses!

It took our guide a bribe with half a banana and some convincing to get my glasses back. The problem being: They were broken in half. Since I didn’t own an extra pair of glasses I spent the rest of the vacation with my beautifully taped glasses 😉 Thanks to the Balinese rip-off artists who trained those monkeys…!

Mexico & the turtles

As opposed to the monkeys, nobody trained sea turtles to steal glasses. At least until now – but I don’t want to get any ideas in the heads of the Yucatán tourist scammers… 🙂 But this is a very regular experience for me: Snorkelling. Water is my element and I really love to go snorkelling wherever I can. I just rarely see a thing. Which is a bit of a shame when you’re swimming with the most beautiful sea turtles in Mexico. (Well at least I got to see some photos later on…)

And no, I don’t take underwater photos, that are worth looking at. Those are the moments when Raffael gets to be the photographer for a change 😉

Swim with turtles in Tulum, Mexico

I saw something shaped like a turtle… but not a turtle 😉

Lapland & the sauna

Last but not least I had a bit of an embarrassment after a Sauna visit in Lapland. Quite a throwback to my days in the school bus, where I wouldn’t recognise my friends, because I wasn’t wearing my glasses 🙂 This was already embarrassing as a teenager, but as an adult it’s even less funny to not know who you talked to in the Sauna the next day.

Eyes of a model in Lapland Sweden

She was with us in Lapland, but was she also that girl in the Sauna I talked to?

The decision to get laser treatment

Those are just a few of my travel experiences with glasses. Therefore I had the idea of getting an eye correction already a while ago. Now once you start researching you can spend hours, days and weeks with information.  The best advice is always the advice of friends or family. And I know a couple of people who got their eyes corrected by laser surgery already. And then I watched many many Youtube Videos and read many many blogposts about risks, methods, clinics, etc.

One of the most important facts for me was the level of experience in a clinic (AND doctor!) and the array of methods on offer. After I get the surgery I will share a huge blogpost with all the infos about the method they selected for me and the service of the clinic.

LASIK vs. Relex Smile

One of the main decisions is the decision for the right method. Now I read a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of LASIK and the new Smile (or Relex Smile) method, but came to this conclusion: It’s best to go to a clinic that offers both (or even additional methods, especially Femto-Lasik of course) and let them decide what’s best for your eyes. I wouldn’t have liked chosing the method for when my appendix got removed, so why should I know better than the doctors when it comes to my eyes? 😉

The idea for now is to use the new Smile method, as it is better for dry eyes like mine – but I’ll only know for sure after the extensive initial examinations.

“(…) SMILE is just as safe and accurate as LASIK for appropriate patients, and in fact, a better procedure for many patients with dry eye issues.”

The backup plan

Now I can’t believe that I won’t wear glasses anymore soon (and it’s hard to imagine how I will look without glasses). If I don’t like what I see then I will just go back to wearing glasses as an accessory – just with window glass in the future 😉

But first, please have your fingers crossed for me this week! I’ll keep you updated in my Insta Stories (

blurry vision

The fog should clear soon for my eyesight.

More infos about NeoVizia and their services.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored, but unpaid post. NeoVizia will provide the eye surgery for free, but the views in this blogpost stay independent from their services.