24 hours in colorful Copenhagen

Travel tips for a perfect Scandinavian city trip

Nyhavn in Copenhagen Denmark

Welcome to the Danish Capital of Copenhagen! The only city in the world, that smells like hot dog sausages, but has so much more to offer 😉  24 hours are short, so make sure to concentrate on the most important sights.

Our top 3 sights for 24 hours in Copenhagen

These 3 mark our top things to do – apart from the obvious choices (being Nyhavn, Amalienborg and Tivoli):

  1. Take the detour to Grundtvig’s Church
  2. Climb up the Round Tower
  3. Walk around the area of Islands Brygge waterfront

We managed to visit the Top 3 and the 3 obvious choices during our 24 hours in the city. So it’s possible (if you get up early) 🙂

Tip 1: Grundtvig’s Church

This church is an Instagram celebrity 🙂 Well the reasons are obvious: The expressionist architecture of this is quite unique and due to it’s location a bit outside of the city centre it’s not on the usual route of tourists.

Address: På Bjerget 14B, 2400 København NV
(We took the bus here, it’s approximately 30-40 minutes from the city centre, but so worth the detour.)

Check the opening hours!

Inside Grundtvig's Church

Inside Grundtvig's ChurchInside Grundtvig's Church

Inside Grundtvig's Church

Inside Grundtvig's Church

Tip 2: Round Tower

This is one of the most visited sights in the city, but not everyone also pays the entrance fee (25 DKK) to be able to go up. But: The tower is most interesting from inside, as you’ll get a glimpse of the architecture. There are no stairs on the way up, as horse carriages used to transport equipment for the observatory up there!

Address: Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København K

Inside Round Tower Copenhagen

Once you made your way up, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view over the city.

View over Copenhagen from Round Tower

View from Round Tower Copenhagen

Tip 3: Gemini Residence & Islands Brygge Waterfront

This neighbourhood is developing into one of the hippest places of Copenhagen. Contemporary architecture, public baths, the waterfront, bike paths – it’s all there!

Start at the Gemini Residence and hope you’ll get lucky that some nice resident lets you inside the buildings. The architecture is stunning!

Address: Islands Brygge 32, 2300 København

Gemini Residence Copenhagen

Islands Brygge Waterfront

The waterfront of Islands Brygge. It’s a perfect meeting point on a sunny afternoon!

Islands Brygge Waterfront

Modern architecture is everywhere here – so you’ll be able to discover a different side of Copenhagen.

The Basics of Copenhagen

Of course we won’t take away some of the basic sights you should definitely put on your list for a visit to the city:

Nyhavn in Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn, the famous harbour of Copenhagen

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Colorful houses line the canal and you can even take a boat tour from here.

Boats at Nyhavn Copenhagen

Waffle shop in Copenhagen

Eat fresh baked waffles at the waterfront of Nyhavn

Cyclist are a common sight in Copenhagen

Or just watch all the cyclists!


The city is a paradise for cyclists – cycle paths are everywhere.



Stroll around the cobblestone streets around Nyhavn and discover the cozy neighbourhood.

Succulents in Copenhagen

Copenhagen facades

Restaurant Admiralgade 26 Copenhagen
Eat lunch at Restaurant Admiralgade 26

Restaurant Admiralgade 26 Copenhagen

Amalienborg Copenhagen

Walk all the way to the Amalienborg Copenhagen…

Changing of the Guards at Amalienborg Copenhagen

… and watch the famous changing of the Guards.

Changing of the guards Amalienborg Copenhagen

Frederiks Kirke Copenhagen

Frederiks Kirke Copenhagen

Operaen The Copenhagen Opera House

The Copenhagen Opera House

Wulff + Konstali Food Shop, Lergravsvej, København S, Dänemark

Brunch place: Wulff + Konstali Food Shop, Lergravsvej, København S, Dänemark

Wulff + Konstali Food Shop, Lergravsvej, København S, Dänemark

You can choose 4 different items for your personal brunch plate <3

Wulff + Konstali Food Shop, Lergravsvej, København S, Dänemark

Kastrup Beach

Kastrup Beach

Sunset at Islands Brygge Waterfront

Sunset at Islands Brygge Waterfront

These were our 24 hours in Copenhagen. There’s so much more to see when it comes to the Danish Capital, but 2 days are short! What would you do during a city trip in Copenhagen? Let us know in the comments.