Hiking in East Tyrol: Tips for beginners

How to hike those epic mountains without loosing your cool

East Tyrol alpine hiking

Hiking in East Tyrol is only for experienced mountaineers? We call BS ūüôā Here’s a beginners guide for everyone who lives in a city just like we do. How to survive in the mountains of East Tyrol!

Tip 1: Drive up to a mountain cabin with a parking lot

So yes, we’re cheating a little. But otherwise we would never experience the high alpine air in East Tyrol ūüėČ We suggest you select a cabin that is located on over 1.000 meters sea level. This way you get a head start to your hike. Drive up with your car, get accustomed to the air up here and sleep there one night before you start your adventure.

?‚Äć?¬†Our tip:
Dolomitenh√ľtte,¬†Address:¬†Dolomitenh√ľtte 1, 9908 Amlach

Mountain view from Dolomitenh√ľtte East Tyrol

The view from Dolomitenh√ľtte is spectacular (and there’s comfortable double rooms)

Tip 2: Start early in the morning after a good breakfast

Don’t sleep too long as you might regret this later. Starting early helps! You won’t have to hike in the harshest sun of the day during noon. And you won’t have to hike after a huge lunch uphill anymore, but downhill (yes, you’ll have lunch on top of the mountain).

Hiking East Tyrol

On a cloudy day hiking is easier as the sun won’t make you loose your cool ūüėČ

Hiking East Tyrol

Wherever you find a nice place, take a pause and rest. We¬†got overtaken by so many senior citizens that we lost count – but who cares about being the first up there, when you can be relaxed up there ūüėČ

Hiking East Tyrol

Do it like the sheep. Find a nice place and stand around in a circle while eating something (granola bars!).

Tip 3: Motivate yourself with a goal

Hiking is no fun if there’s no goal at the end of the sweaty adventure. Set yourself a goal that will reward you for the efforts. In East Tyrol we recommend this place:

Wangenitzseeh√ľtte,¬†2508 meters above sea level



Tip 4: Reward yourself with a wellness treatment

After a hike like this our city bodies might be sore and tired. So, book a night in a fancy mountain resort with a nice Spa and get a wellness treatment deluxe.

?‚Äć?¬†Our¬†tip:¬†Gradonna Mountain Resort, Address:¬†Burg 24, 9981 Kals am Gro√üglockner

More impressions from East Tyrol

With all these tips you might be up for hiking the mountains of East Tyrol soon. So here are more impressions of what you’ll be able to see, when you follow our tips ūüėČ

East Tyrol Dolomitenh√ľtte

View from Dolomitenh√ľtte

East Tyrol alpine hiking

On our way up to Wangenitzh√ľtte

Sheep in East Tyrol

Filialkirche St. Georg Kals am Großglockner

Filialkirche St. Georg Kals am Großglockner

Haslacher Schleierwasserfall Kals

Haslacher Schleierwasserfall Kals

East Tyrol

Mountains are sacred places – so even if you’re an inexperienced hiker, cherish your surroundings!