Top 10 Austrian travel Instagramers to follow

Top 10 Austrian travel Instagramers compiled by @ladyvenom

According to latest stats over 3,9 million Austrians use Instagram! (*) That number is hard to grasp (given we’re only 8 million people) 🙂 But to help you find the gems in the travel sector I’ve compiled my personal Top 10 Austrian travel Instagramers to follow.


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Personally I’ve been on Instagram as @ladyvenom since the beginning of 2011 and have started to focus on travel photography in 2013! It took me 3 more years until I quit my job and became a full time travel photographer and blogger in 2016.

The 10 accounts I selected are not the biggest accounts with the most followers or the ones with the best selfies or photoshopped sunsets, but people that really care about traveling and pour their heart and soul into their posts, stories and blogs! Quality > quantity, that has always been the better approach 😉

So without further ado, let me present those 10 best Austrian Instagram travel accounts!

1. Sommertageblog


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A post shared by Kathi & Romeo (@sommertageblog) on

The couple Kathi & Romeo are technically not Instagramers, but full-blown bloggers. Their travel blogs is one of the most professional ones in Austria and they focus on individual traveling – from Thailand to New Zealand and back! But they also have really good expertise when it comes to traveling in Austria!

2. All about Mela


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A post shared by Mela ✨ (@allaboutmela) on

Mela isn’t only a travel writer and blogger from Tyrol – she also works in the tourism industry as a communications manager in her day job. So she understands both sides of the industry, which is quite rare to find.

3. Marmelis Mountain Hideaways


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A post shared by Marika & Family 📍Tirol (@marmelis_mountainhideaways) on

Marika has found the most amazing niche on Instagram, when she rebranded her account to focus fully on mountain hideaways. I love finding new chalets, alpine hotels and other hidden gems on her profile!

4. Wanderlustcom


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A post shared by Chronic Wanderlust Travel Blog (@wanderlustcom) on

Viki takes her Dirndl (the traditional Austrian gown) with her on all her trips, but her favourite habitat is the ocean. An avid diver she has had some crazy experiences (let’s me spoil as much, she almost ended up in the mouth of a whale in South Africa!). But if you’re looking for Austria travel advice, she also has some cards up her sleeve!

5. Globeastronaut


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A post shared by Victoria | REISEBLOGGER ✈️🌍 (@globeastronaut) on

Victoria started her blog Globeastronaut in 2014 and also works as a flight attendant! So that lucky girl gets to travel a lot (well, if she’s not stuck in quarantine) 😉 But sometimes you don’t even need to take the plane to get some mediterranean vibes: This photo from Lake Wörthersee makes me travel there right away, don’t you agree?

6. Daretodream Travel


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A post shared by Fabi & Susn | Travelers 🌍 ( on

Fabi & Susn are one of those travel couples, that can’t stand still and have been to the most exquisite countries (hello Bolivia and Colombia – those are still on my list!). They deserve a lot more attention on Instagram (even if they’re currently stuck in their hometown Salzburg ;)).

7. Moonhoney Travelers


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A post shared by Sabrina + Kati | Hiking (@moonhoneytravelers) on

Sabrina & Kati are the hiking experts in Austria. They take you from hut to hut on some of the incredible trails in the alps. The photo I selected here is from a very famous (yet not so easy to reach) place in the mountains of Tyrol. I always wonder I would be fit enough to finish that trek just for that view! 😉

8. Borders of Adventure


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A post shared by Becki Enright (@bordersofadventure) on

Technically Becki isn’t Austrian, but this British expat has been living in Vienna for a couple of years and is one of the women, that made me think twice about how to use my voice as a (female) travel blogger. She always goes deep in her analysis and focuses on post-conflict destinations, responsible tourism practices and journeys beyond the usual. 

9. Escapetown


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A post shared by Lea | Escape Town (@esctown) on

Lea isn’t only talented with a camera, but also a gifted writer and sourdough bread baker. She’s the reason why I want to visit the Biwaks in Carinthia and always puts a smile on my face, when she explains wild herbs found in the Tyrolean mountains (and now excuse me while I’ll go and search for wild hops!).

10. Travel Baby

Jenny’s little sun Nunu has travelled more countries (68 to be exact!) than me, and he’s only 4 years old! She’s now mother of two adorable children and packs them (and her husband) up to fly to New Zealand or just discover Austria on a road trip. Her style is super natural and I love how she just shows the reality of traveling with a small family!


Bonus: The mountaineer @rawmeyn


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A post shared by Roman Königshofer (@rawmeyn) on

If you’re keen on outdoor adventures look no further than Roman’s profile on Instagram. The Austrian outdoor enthusiast and professional photographer climbs the mountains with his friends, mountainbike, skis and even his newest addition to the family – his little son!

Who are your favourite travel Instagramers to follow?

Top 10 Austrian Travel Instagramers to followTop 10 Austrian Travel Instagramers to follow

(*) Source: Reppublika, April 2020