The Top 3 beaches in Southern Corsica

Crystal clear waters, fine sand and tropical flair


Corsica – and especially the Southern part of the island – features some amazing beaches. Think Seychelles flair and atmosphere, but right in Europe! Here are our Top 3 beaches in no particular order:

Our Top 3 beaches of Southern Corsica

  1. Tamaricciu
  2. Santa Giulia
  3. Plage de small Sperone

Which beach is perfect for you?

Each beach in Corsica has special features and advantages, but also some disadvantages. In this overview we explain the main features of our Top 3 beaches in Corsica and for what kind of traveler they are ideal.

1. Tamaricciu: The early morning person

This beach is located a little more remotely than the more famous beaches of Southern Corsica. From the street level with the parking spots it’s a 10 minute hike downhill to get there. The paths are clean and easy to walk on, so it’s worth the effort. In the early morning you can have the whole beach to yourself. One side of the beach features white sand and turquoise water. The other side has huge rock formations, that look like they Seychelles and invite you to climb around.


corsica top 3 beaches
Looking down at Tamaricciu beach from the parking spots at the street.


2. Santa Giulia: The family beach
This beach is one of the most famous beaches of Southern Corsica, therefore it has a lot of facilities, that come handy for a family. There are restrooms, restaurants, boat rentals – all conveniently located directly at the half-moon shaped beach. The water is incredibly clear and comes in a light blue shade, there are piers (which make for great photo ops) and the water is very calm as it’s shielded from the currents by the natural shape of the lagoon.


corsica top 3 beaches
Santa Giulia beach at sunset.


3. Plage de small Sperone: Joggers & lovers
This hidden gem is best discovered by boat or by foot (if you brought your sneakers). You’ll have to park your car at Piantarella beach (we recommend the spot behind the Bonifacio Windsurf school) and walk from there. It’s about a 10 minute hike along the beach through some bushes and over some rocks, but many joggers use these paths for their daily training, so it’s pretty clean and neat. Once you arrive at the small bay it’s picture perfect. The softest white sand we’ve seen in Corsica, turquoise water and no people (at least in the morning). Perfection!