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If you dream of a Mediterranean escape with perfect beaches, remote mountain villages, boating experiences and amazing food – Corsica is your destination!


The view on Bonifacio

What to do in Corsica

THE must do
Rent a boat and discover the island’s remote sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, grottoes and wildlife. If you don’t have a boating license you’ll have to go with a skipper, but starting at 250 Euros you’ll have your own private boat for a couple of hours.

500 Euros for a 3 hour sunset boat ride with skipper starting at Bonifacio with Nautic Aventures.


The harbour of Bonifacio


Views you’ll only get from the boat.

Other things to do when in Corsica:

  • Get up early to enjoy one of the (amazing!) beaches alone.
  • Eat the local specialty of Bonifacio – “Aubergines bonifacienne”, that’s eggplants stuffed with goat cheese and baked in the oven. Pure perfection!
  • Take the car and drive from Porto Vecchio to the West coast via the mountain roads. Stop in Sartène and enjoy the afternoon in this remote mountain village.

The lovely town of Sartène is worth a visit for an afternoon.


Early morning at Santa Giulia beach, all the boat owners are still asleep.


A sunset at “La Tonnara” beach.

How to get there

Traveling to Corsica just got easier: There are direct flights from many destinations, from Vienna you can now fly to Bastia (Northern Corsica) within a less than 2 hour flight with Eurowings.

About 200 Euros per person

Drive to Italy or the south of France and take a ferry. You can compare routes and prices here.

How to travel around when on the island

There’s no way around a car (or a motorbike). You can easily rent a car at the airport (be aware: the car standards are not as high as in the US or Germany, you’ll probably get an older model of a French car). Therefore I’d recommend to upgrade to a higher category like a SUV. Especially since roads are rocky in many parts of Corsica (think small paths to remote beaches) you’re going to feel saver in a better car.

Depends on the model, at least around 400 Euros for a week. I always rely on this (German) price comparison website.

Bring your own car with the ferry! That saves some money, but make sure you got your tyres checked and a spare tyre in your trunk (we had a flat tyre on day 3).

How many days to stay

That’s a tough one! We enjoyed having a whole week in Southern Corsica, but we only stayed at one location (Porto Vecchio) and in hindsight think it would’ve been wiser to move into another apartment or hotel after 3 or 4 nights to mix it up a little and change the surroundings (think Northwestern part of the island).

Minimum stay:
3 nights if you only want a short getaway to enjoy the beaches. 6 nights if you also want to get around a little by car and enjoy the different landscapes and areas of the island.

Where to stay

Porto Vecchio is an amazing little city in the south of Corsica and we really enjoyed living in an Interhome apartment there. We could prepare our own breakfast with the food we bought at the local market (think baguette, goat cheese, fresh heirloom tomatoes, fleur de sel, croissants, beignets, etc.).

Next time we would probably also stay a few nights in the Northern parts of the island – how amazing is the view from this apartment?

Starting at 328 Euros for 7 nights

Travel video of Corsica