Veggies on tour: Lanzarote

Where to eat: Restaurant tips for Vegetarians in Lanzarote

Bodega de Uga Lanzarote

Traveling as a vegetarian can be challenging in some areas around the world. Fortunately Spain isn’t one of those countries. During our one week trip of Lanzarote we found a couple of surprisingly satisfying restaurants. Here are our favourites!

Our Top 3 restaurants for Vegetarians in Lanzarote

  1. El Chupadero
    Calle de la Geria, 3, 35570 Yaiza
    Located on a small hill overlooking vineyards and volanic cones lies this gem. We had the best Canary potatoes with Mojo here, tomato salad with fried capers, tomato soup, fresh local cheese and bread – and our personal highlight: Crèpes with prickly pear jam. And they also serve local organic wine. (Price for 2 people: 44 Euro, incl. fresh squeezed orange juice and a glass of wine).El Chupadero LanzaroteEl Chupadero LanzaroteEl Chupadero Lanzarote
  2. Bodega de Uga
    Ctra. Playa Blanca-Arrecife, Km 21, 35570 Uga
    Imagine a wonderfully shaded courtyard, where you’re welcomed by a charming gentlemen and invited to take a seat. You ask for the menu and he asks back what you would like. You say you’re vegetarian and off he goes. And then you just get whatever the house recommends. In our case the best grilled vegetables we ever had (it must have to do with their olive oil and salt), a creamy asparagus soup, home made bread and cheese and then a cheesecake and fresh fruit for desert. (Price for 2 people: 59 Euro, incl. 2 glasses of their amazing white house wine).
    Bodega de Uga Lanzarote Bodega de Uga Lanzarote Bodega de Uga Lanzarote Bodega de Uga Lanzarote Bodega de Uga Lanzarote
  3. Hespérides
    Casa Leon, 35530 Teguise
    This is probably the only vegan-friendly place in Lanzarote. We’re not vegan, but we enjoyed our vegetarian dishes (Canary potatoes, falafel, mixed green salad with banana and caramelised nuts). It was not the best food we had on the island (see 1.+2. for those), but it was definitely delicious. (Price for 2 people: around 50 Euro).
    Restaurant Hespérides LanzaroteRestaurant Hespérides LanzaroteRestaurant Hespérides Lanzarote


Other restaurants in Lanzarote

  • Casa de la Playa
    Calle la Garita, 1, 35542 Arrieta
    This place is well known and recommended by many tourist guides. It is located directly at the beach of Arrieta, but unfortunately is very touristy and also serves mostly seafood. The vegetarian options only included fried cheese, green salad and pasta. Our tip: If you want to enjoy the seaview, rather go just for drinks. They serve fresh squeezed orange juice!


  • Los Aljibes de Tahiche
    Calle Bravo Murillo, 6, 35507 Teguise
    This restaurant is mostly recommended for beer lovers and meat eaters who like barbecue. The only vegetarian highlight from the menu were the grilled aubergines with palm honey – they were thinly-sliced, crispy and just seasoned the right way. The rest of the vegetarian dishes we tried wasn’t too exciting (salad without dressing, bread with way too much garlic). Our tip: Only go there if you love either meat or beer!


  • Volcán de La Corona
    Calle Malpaís, 8, 35541 Ye
    We only went here, because it it was the last restaurant to be open late at night, after we watched the sunset at Mirador del Rio. The restaurant was empty and we weren’t even sure if it’s open. The owner cheerfully greeted us and served all the dishes super quickly. We had a delicious grilled goat cheese with honey, the obligatory Canary Potatoes and salad. The food quality was ok. Our tip: Instead – try to bring a picnic with you when watching the sunset over La Graciosa (which is incredible!). There aren’t too many other restaurants up in the very North of Lanzarote.


One of our main tasks during our trips is photography. We spend a lot of time and energy in finding the best places to shoot and explore. Sometimes the food is sacrificed on the way. But in Lanzarote we got lucky! We hope you like our selection for Vegetarians in Lanzarote.

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