Experience the Out Islands of the Bahamas

Off the beaten track in the Carribean

Beach at Elbow Cay Bahamas

The Out Islands claim to be the “Real Bahamas”. Well, from what we can tell – that seems to be a true claim! Welcome to the true beauty of the Caribbean – off the beaten track for most visitors.

The Out Islands collective actually comprises 84% of the Bahamas, but it’s still not discovered by mass tourism, which concentrates on just a few islands when it comes to the Bahamas (think Nassau, etc.). We visited the northernmost islands called “The Abacos“.

Arriving at the airport of Marsh Harbor, Abaco Island

Arriving at the airport of Marsh Harbor, Abaco Island

How to get there?

There’s no cruise ships stopping at the Out Islands, so you’ll have to either take a (small) plane or rent a private boat to get there. We flew in from Miami to the tiny airport of Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island. It’s a short 50 minute flight in a rather small machine (with not so many passengers) and then you’ll literally enter paradise.

The beach at Treasure Cay, Abaco won "Best Beach" of the Caribbean

The beach at Treasure Cay won “Best Beach” of the Caribbean

What to do when on the Abacos?

A perfect vacation in this part of the Bahamas includes:

  1. Feeding wild stingrays right at the beach of a deserted island
  2. Visiting the swimming pigs on No Name Cay
  3. Discovering Elbow Cay and the lighthouse
  4. Riding a golf cart around the island
  5. Swimming in a sinkhole

Feeding Stingrays on the Abacos

The stingrays are surprisingly gentle and suck the food up from your flat hand

Feeding Stingrays in the Bahamas

Turns out they are not aggressive at all, but will gladly have you touch them

Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas

You’ll have to bribe the pigs to really come swimming 🙂

The Swimming Pigs of No Name Cay close to Abaco Island

The “swimming pigs” much rather just stay on their private island’s beach (who can blame them)

The pier of Firefly Sunset Resort at Elbow Cay

Welcome to Elbow Cay – this is the pier of the Firefly Sunset Resort

Riding a golf cart on Elbow Cay Bahamas

Rent a golf cart and explore the island

Iced Coffee stop at Hope Town Elbow CayRoad signs on Elbow CayBeach at Elbow Cay Bahamas

Don’t get distracted by the signs 😉 just stop at each and every of the pristine beaches…

Beach at Elbow Cay

They can also be wild and windy

Firefly Sunset Resort at Elbow Cay

Eat lunch or grab a drink at this gem: Firefly Sunset Resort at Elbow Cay

Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay

Go all the way south until you reach Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay

Lighthouse on Elbow Cay

Go back to Hope Town and cross the marina by ferry to climb all the steps up the famous lighthouse

The view from the Lighthouse at Elbow Cay

…for this one of a kind view of Elbow Cay!

The local ferry between Abaco Island and Elbow Cay

When the sun sets – take the ferry back to Great Abaco.

Sand Dollar Bahamas

If you found a sand dollar that means you’ll come back to the Bahamas one day!

Where to stay on Abaco Island?

Here comes the tricky part. There’s not so many hotels on Abaco Island and the prices are rather high, especially when you compare the hotel standard to other tropical destinations. Think around 200 dollars per night for a 4 star hotel, that isn’t crazy chic. But then it’s located at one of world’s most beautiful beaches and you practically have this said beach to yourself every day…

Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort

Our terrace view at Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort

Golf cart rides through the jungle

The resort rents out golf carts for rides through the jungle (even when it rains)

The Beach of Treasure Cay on Abaco Island

The award winning Beach of Treasure Cay on Abaco Island – it doesn’t get any more perfect then this!

We were invited to visit the Bahamas by the official tourism board and stayed in the Treasure Cay Resort, but our views of the islands and the hotels are independent of that invitation.